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General Stefan Gusa Foundation is a private legal entity that has the unique identification code no 11647704. It was founded in 1997 on the initiative of Mrs. Daniela Veronica Dragan Gusa. This is a non-governmental, non-profit and without political, religious or any other kind of affiliations organization. This foundation was named after the General - Lieutenant, engineer Stefan Gusa, Chief of the Romanian General Staff from the 25th of September 1986 to the 28th of December 1989.
Its mission is to develop a series of activities in order to support the study and cultivation of fundamental national values that animated the entire military career and had represented the major personality traits of General Stefan Gusa:
- faith in the country and the Romanian people;
- passion for the history of the country and the military history of the Romanian people;
- faith in God, faith that led him to assume the difficult task of founding the church from Spataru village;
- love for the Romanian Army, which he served with competence, commitment and love, with confidence in its value.
The main purpose of the Foundation is to ensure a broad knowledge of the personality and actions of General Stefan Gusa throughout his military career and especially at a time of historic importance for the freedom of the people, the independence and integrity of Romania.
The rejection of the “fraternal” aid offered by the Soviet troops, ready to interfere in Romania’s confrontations, animated by “the best reasons”, still remains one of the most representative actions of General Stefan Gusa, a memorable act, done with lucidity, an act that changed Romania’s destiny.
General Stefan Gusa respected his duty, hoping that the future would be more generous with his nation that the Romania people would find the truth and “it would make them better, more human and more confident in their lucky star.”
“Am I accused of being too deep in the Romanian national feeling? This is something I really enjoy and I would like to keep this accusation for the rest of my life. (…) A small country, like ours, with its special geographical position, will continue to be a target. I suppose and I also somehow feel that Romania will be in the middle of some extremely big interests. (…) Those who don’t understand this, they don’t understand Romanian” – these are the words of General Stefan Gusa, expressed during an interview offered for the Army newspaper. This is not only a mark of his national dignity, but also a will of honour addressed to the Romanian people in those moments.