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The interview given by General Stefan Gusa to Colonel Valeriu Pricina, March 20th, 1990

Reporter: Sir General Gusa, one might say that we have invited you for a coffee. The coffee is on the table, which means that the invitation is real, but our intention is somehow higher than the first invitation, so to speak. To enter directly into the subject, I don’t  think that you may require some special presentations. Let’s retrace, that this is our intention for this first meeting, retrace the moment Timisoara, as far as possible and as far as the memory helps you, after the moments of great tension that you have experienced, to retrace this moment of great importance, Timisoara. But first of all, how did you get there, in Timisoara?
General Stefan Gusa: On December 17th. I will not give you all the details about this day, all the events, all the phones that were given.
Reporter: Only the things you consider to be important. Nothing more.
General Stefan Gusa:  I will begin with the moment we went to Timisoara. At 2:00 p.m, the National Defence Minister received a phone call, I think it was from the former leaders. After receiving the call he told me that I would go to Timisoara, because the situation was quite serious there, with a group of generals, more precisely with generals Stanculescu and Chitac, he told me to choose a group of officers from the General Staff, who could help me dealing with the situations when reaching our destination, to clarify the  issues, to see what it was, that we were to go by a Special Flotilla plane from Otopeni Airport, and that the head of this group would be Ion Coman, the former Secretary of the Central Committee, who will come directly to the airport. Before leaving, he also told me that it was decided that the former General Nuta (Deputy Interior Minister and Head of the Police General Inspectorate) would also go with us. We went to the airport, I got there first, before all the others, well, they were late, not all the officers I chose could come, but some of them managed to come so I didn’t wait any longer. At about 3:00 p.m., I don’t remember exactly the time, we took off. Anyway, at about 4:30 p.m. we arrived in Timisoara.
Reporter: What did you find there? How was the atmosphere there?
General Stefan Gusa: A lot of people were waiting for us at the airport. First of all there was Lieutenant Colonel Zenca, he was head of the mechanized units, and also several officers and representatives from the Ministry of Interior. Of course,  everyone was scared, agitated, saying that the city was in a great mess, that the situation was very serious, well, in the first moments we couldn’t understand much. At one point we were notified by the Secretary Coman that the control point would be to the County Party Committee in Timisoara and that we had to meet there, but on the way we would stop to the Ministry of Interior Inspectorate. Of course, we went to the Inspectorate.
We arrived there together with General Stanculescu, if I remember well there was General Chitac also, with my aide, I forgot to say, with Captain Gheorghe. I found two officers dressed in civilian there, I subsequently learned that one of them was General Macri and the other one, who told us that the situation is very… (lack of listening).
Reporter: So you haven’t known him before?
General Stefan Gusa: I definitely haven’t known them before, I hadn’t the opportunity to know him (lack of listening) that the situation was very serious, that they took action, set on fire, we couldn’t enter in any case to the Commandment of the Major Unit. And then I said: "Don’t worry, sir, we will get inside, I will get inside anyway, even if I need a tank." However, now I wonder of the inventions that are presented in the Process “Timisoara”, of course I recall them after two months and a half, I might  have missed some details, but it is interesting how some statements, which aren’t mine, appeared, maybe the reality…
Reporter: Maybe these are some interpretations.
General Stefan Gusa: Interpretations, I don’t know how they agreed. The Commander of the Unit was with me and we left together to Oituz barracks, which was in the neighbourhood, to see if we can find some telephones, to get some information. It was getting dark already, the weather was not favourable for driving, so we decided to go to the High Command. There wasn’t anyone there, they were farther. There was a burnt car belonging to one of the officers from the Command. There was also some sort of hut in fort of the Command; I later found out that they were some kiosks for selling books that were practically burnt, but the fire was still smouldering. We could here the noise of the street. I entered the Command, I took all the information. I am now briefly telling you the story because I also told the People’s Army newspaper about some of the problems. I was told that they had already been firing the guns in the air because the people tried to enter the Command. I was very much surprised about that. Meanwhile, I was interrupted by a phone call from the Country Committee and asked why wasn’t I there since there was a teleconference. I want to  state from the very beginning that my intentions were not going to the County Committee and my only reason was that all the connections with the Army were in the place I was at that moment. I could speak to the Ministry,  the military units and the other Air Defence Unit from there; I thought they were in position at that time. It is certain that they tried and actually came out to some objectives. I was informed that a lot of the objectives had already been protected by the army, especially the deposits of arms and ammunition, with a particular danger. Anyway, they could also show me a map prepared by those who left before. I forgot to tell you that another group of officers from the High Command had been sent in the morning. They left Timisoara by plane, in the morning, and they had already been there. They presented me the objectives the Army was engaged in, the forces that were involved, they told me about the dead and the injured people. But he situation was confusing.
Reporter: So, there were dead and injured people from our troupes.
General Stefan Gusa: Both civilians and soldiers, there had already been some incidents.
Reporter: It means that by the time you reached that place, there had already been incidents and a number of dead people



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